TEXT us, complete a contact form or call the local phone numbers provided for more information. If you are a business wanting to supply to Zambia please contact us at Savanna Blue Limited. When you complete the form below we will automatically allocate you a reference number which can be used for future correspondence. The privacy policy applies. A valid e-mail address is required and we will use this only for the ordering, delivery and payment process if you choose the on-line service. Alternatively all services are available at our local partner's office. Please complete any forms with as much information as possible for prompt, efficient service.

Office opening times : Week Days 0800 - 1700, Sat 0800 - 1230. Website : 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

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Our Local Partners:

Impala General Dealers and Contractors Limited (Zambia)

102 Afcom House, Obote Avenue

Kitwe, Zambia

Tel:  + 260 212 225221

        + 260 977 314161 / +260 977 712656

Email: impaladealers@gmail.com 

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